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The Expanding
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TEU4 hit the shelves on on September 17th, 2018, and it catapulted to the number one Sci-fi anthology in the Kindle store.

It's a steal at 99 cents, so if you only buy one science fiction anthology this year, better make it TEU4.

My contribution, The Spike, recounts the fractured life of a US Marine after an encounter with a crashed alien ship left him as the only survivor from his search and rescue team.

Here's the blurb:

"When John McCormack emerges from the alien wreckage, only he knows what he leaves behind—and what he has brought with him."

And here's an excerpt from The Spike:

The alien ship had entered Earth’s orbit undetected by every space observation network on the planet. GISEC, the Goryeo Inter-Korean Space Exploration Conglomerate, detected the ship with an automated orbital salvage and reclamation platform and mistook it for space junk. The AI on the platform decided the ship was a danger to nearby satellites and attempted to disintegrate it. If it wasn’t for GISEC, the ship might have come and gone unnoticed.

Of all the places in the world, the falling ship’s trajectory sent it hurtling toward downtown Medicine Hat. In the blink of an eye, the city was leveled. The city that was built on a giant gas field—the city with hell for a basement—was destroyed by a fireball from the heavens.

Twenty remarkable stories. Twenty award winning & bestselling authors. One incredible science fiction collection to awaken your mind to infinite possibilities. Aliens, snipers, warships, royalty, intrigue. Battles fought with railguns, plasma beams, and blasters–with words–or even only within the mind. 

The universe is expanding, and these are its fantastic stories, beyond our understanding, beyond time and space itself. What we do know should terrify us–and what we don’t know can kill us. Yet human courage will take us beyond our limits—far beyond in deep space. Maybe even closer to home where the boundaries exist only in our minds. 

More than 500 action-packed pages of never-a-dull-moment entertainment! When you discover we’re not alone in the universe, will you be prepared? Grab your copy of The Expanding Universe Volume 4 today.



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The Unity

The Rogue Captain

The Unity Empire has reigned unchecked for two thousand years. Now, a powerful new enemy threatens to bring it all to an end…

Captain Viktor Medreyev’s career is nearing its end when a cryptic message urgently summons him to a remote mining colony on the planet Heracles. Thrust into an unlikely alliance with a band of assassin clones, he uncovers a secret experiment that will forever change the fate of the Empire and all who have sworn to serve it.

Unsure who to trust, Medreyev and his rogue crew find themselves battling supersoldiers with deadly new weaponry in a secret war that reaches across the Empire. Time is running out, and Medreyev must choose where his allegiances lie. In a high stakes war between good and evil, his choice will decide the fate of the entire galaxy.


THE UNITY immediately plunges you into the lives of the unfortunate inhabitants of the planet Heracles. There is a sinister force at work that has incited a shadowy organization of religious zealots to believe that the myths of ancient legends are true. Captain Medreyev and his loyal followers will soon discover that there is a vein of truth running through every myth.


The hunters become the hunted…

Still reeling from betrayal and the death of his closest comrades, Captain Viktor Medreyev and his crew relentlessly pursue the enemies of the Unity Empire, and they are stalked by the same shadowy forces they have vowed to destroy. As the crew struggles to protect the technology that created Freya and safeguard the future of the Unity, they discover they are not the only ones who are willing to die for their cause.

While Medreyev’s soldiers fight to defeat Fowler once and for all, a sinister threat emerges from within. A final titanic clash with Fowler comes at a heavy cost. But is Fowler really only a messenger as he claims to be? Is there no one they can trust? Cracks in the foundation of the Empire deepen, and unlikely double agents are intent on seeing the Unity crumble into the oblivion of history.


“A shot rang out and spread across the plain. There was nothing on the land to reflect the sound of the shot back at Artur, so in his mind, the sound continued on forever, never ending, never dying. The sound would slowly fade away, but it would live forever in his memory. The subtle recoil of the rifle felt so unnatural against his shoulder. Artur loosened his grip and eased his finger away from the trigger. He almost didn’t hear the small voice inside his head. The sound of the wind in his ears nearly drowned it out. “Finish it,” it said.”


Nathan Mutch’s first novel, The Unity, is the first book of a planned three-part Science Fiction series. The second book in The Unity Empire Series, A Song for the Dead, was released June 2017.

His current projects include two co-authored books; a stand-alone fantasy novel tentatively titled, Between Realms; and of course, the third installment of The Unity Empire Series.

The first of the two co-authored books is an experimental science fiction mind-bender written (so far) entirely by correspondence. The second co-authored book delves into the Fantasy genre.

Nathan Mutch currently lives in Northern Canada with his family.

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